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Optional Travel Protection

The Optional Group Travel Protection Offered Below May Be The Only Method To Receive Any Refund Depending Upon The Date Of Cancellation As Specified In the Cancellation Policy 

An Optional Group Travel Protection Plan is available for you to purchase for your trip. The Group Travel Protection Plan inclusions are listed in the downloadable PDF document link below. The rates are based on the entire trip cost and you will need that information in order to receive an accurate cost for the coverage. The premium purchased through the link below DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY include the optional CFAR (Cancel For Any Reason) coverage. FOR THE OPTIONAL CANCEL FOR ANY REASON COVERAGE YOU MUST SELECT THIS OPTION IN THE “UPGRADES & OPTIONS” SECTION.  CFAR coverage is up to 75% of the non-refundable trip cost. You must cancel prior to 48 hours of trip departure.

If interested in purchasing the student discounted travel protection plan please click the link to go direct to Travel Insured. Note: All payments, claims, and questions will be done directly through Travel Insured. We are only providing the link if you want to purchase the optional insurance.

You may need to provide deposit/payment dates to Travel Insured. These will be the dates you make your payments to the school for deposits/final payment. Please refer to your school advisor on the trip due dates for deposits and final payment.  

•    Once the travel plan is purchased the premium may be non-refundable you would need to check with Travel Insured on their policies.  

To view Coverage details and rates click here:

Student Deluxe Group Travel Protection Plan coverage and rate plan

Actual Student Deluxe Protections Plan Policy Document 

Below is a link that will allow you to purchase the Group travel protection plan for your trip. Rates are based on overall trip cost and not age. You will need to enter the cost of your full trip cost and make your purchase prior to the final trip payment in order to qualify for the pre-existing medical condition waiver.  For questions on the plan, coverage, or procedures, please contact the Group Desk at Travel Insured at 844-440-8113. 

The Cost of the Optional Travel Protection is $83.00
The Cost of the Optional Travel Protection with the CFAR (cancel for any reason option) is $124.00

Click Here to Purchase the Optional Travel Protection Plan which must be purchased prior to paying your trip in full or December 20th, 2023 which ever comes first.

Any further questions or if you need help please contact Travel Insured International  

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